Business & Corporate Investigative Services

PROSOL investigators are able to aid and assist your internal claims or third party administrators to investigate the particular accident causing the alleged injury of your worker.  We will work directly with your team and develop a clear picture of what happened.  We will help identify possible fraudulent claims and further shed light on areas of exposure of future potential liability.


PROSOL investigators have a solid background and experience investigating internal criminal activities involving various forms of internal theft and embezzlement.  We are often able to develop the evidence needed to coordinate with law enforcement and facilitate prosecution.


A picture is worth a thousand words.  PROSOL investigators can coordinate with your management and utilize strategic covert video placement to expose many issues within the work environment.

From the common Slip and Fall accident to the complex multiple vehicle accident, PROSOL will help you determine the details involving the accident and exposing possible opportunities for subrogation.  Collecting evidence and documenting the scene is often very important for future claims and civil litigation.  Surveillance of the claimant often provides new insights into the magnitude of the case.

PROSOL investigators can help you make an informed decision.   Our investigators conduct thorough background investigations on prospective employees. We are accustomed to interviewing provided references while developing additional sources of information.  Our investigators verify prior employment history, certifications, training records, school transcripts, and criminal/civil records and help provide information you need to be confident in your hiring decision.