Investigative Services for Attorneys

Locating and gleaning information from a witness or potential source often provides a key piece of information that may change the outcome of the case.  Documenting that information is equally important.

PROSOL investigators regularly develop information about an individual from their social media presence.  Our investigators remain diligent and stay on top of the ever changing social media platforms and methods by which people are communicating.  Often we locate photo and video documentation that later becomes crucial evidence which further helps paint a picture of the subject’s life.

The allegations involving your client are not always reality.  PROSOL investigators examine the details and help develop strategies to explore and obtain additional records and information.  We identify areas of contributory negligence and opportunities for subrogation. We hone in on overstated injuries and untruthful life altering limitations, while maintaining the integrity of the civil process.

Many public records exist and are available without subpoena or other compelling document.  PROSOL investigators know where to look, what to ask for and how to secure these critical pieces to the puzzle.  Often they will unlock the proverbial door.

Our investigators will work with your staff to develop a juror profile assisting with the voir dire process.  A review of social media profiles, criminal/civil records and socioeconomic profiles can often yield valuable perspective.

PROSOL understands that timely personal service is vital to receiving the records or documents you are seeking or ensuring the witness shows up for trial.  Making direct contact with the witness and providing feedback to your office will benefit the case providing confidence that personal attention was provided.